Cavan Adventure Centre

Established since 2008, Cavan Adventure Centre is an outdoor adventure facility that supplies numerous land and water-based activities suitable for all ages. They offer a wide range of activities and experiences that promote outdoor fun, physical activity, eco-based learning and overall wellbeing, all in the midst of an unspoiled natural landscape within a Special Area of Conservation.

At Cavan Adventure Centre our core values are humanity, transparency, integrity, and nature.

They believe in alleviating the negative impacts of business activities, which informs their mission and vision to inspire and educate individuals about the rich tapestry of the natural landscape. Rooted in their values, they are committed to fostering a deep connection between people and the environment.

Their purpose is to provide transformative experiences that not only showcase the beauty of the landscape but also instill a profound understanding of its ecological significance. Through innovative and educational programs, they aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to become stewards of the environment.

Integrity guides their every action, ensuring they operate with transparency, honesty, and a steadfast commitment to ethical practices. They prioritize humanity by creating inclusive and diverse learning environments that celebrate the unique perspectives each person brings. By placing nature at the forefront of their values, they acknowledge its intrinsic value and their responsibility to protect and preserve it for future generations.