What We Do

Sustainable Tourism Network (STN)’s awesome team is busy fitting sustainability as standard across tourism, our work includes our 6 Step Programme & certificationtraining, consulting, promoting our network of members and of course our fantastic annual conference.

6 Step Sustainability Programme

STN’s 6-step sustainability programme is an easy-to-follow structured journey consisting of achievable milestones that pave the way for increased sustainability and eventual certification offering a multitude of benefits that make it an ideal choice for any tourism business seeking sustainability recognition.


STN certifies businesses in accordance with our Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) recognised criteria, so you can be sure your business is achieving the very highest standard of certification available. It is thorough, thought-provoking and has positive impacts on areas of your business with a strong focus on Energy and Carbon, Waste and Water, Nature and Culture, and People and Business. Yes, it’s a challenge but the benefits are huge!


The Sustainable Tourism Network takes pride in offering world class training to tourism businesses. Our training topics include energy and carbon, water and waste, nature and culture and people and business.


The Sustainable Tourism Network offers comprehensive consultancy services. Our team of sustainability experts can deliver tailored support to help you navigate the complexities of climate action, circularity and sustainability so you can continue to nurture and grow your business.


Our annual Inspiring Sustainable Tourism Conference is a thought provoking, educational and inspritaional day with amazing speakers. This event is a must for future-focused tourism businesses that want to improve their sustainability credentials.

It’s packed with insights from both international and Irish leaders in their fields. Filled with practical advice, as well as inspiration from business owners that have transformed their operations and taken the lead in responsible, sustainable and regenerative tourism.



Our commitment to promoting sustainability in the tourism industry is reflected in our event participation, where we showcase the excellence and commitment of our members to responsible and eco-friendly practices. We understand the importance of exposure and strive to provide our members with unparalleled opportunities to connect with national and international audiences, gain valuable leads and propel their businesses to new heights.