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How Sustainable Is Your Business?

Take our complimentary online quiz & see if your business is a sustainability shirker or ground-breaking Greta.

A snapshot of green trees in an Irish forest

Looking For A Competitive Advantage?

Explore our sustainability programmes to enhance your business and meet growing consumer demand - 76% of global travelers want to travel more sustainably.

A snapshot of green trees in an Irish forest

Future Proof Your Business

Become more sustainable and open doors to supports, funding, promotional opportunities and new business.

A snapshot of green trees in an Irish forest

The Sustainable Tourism Network

Empowering, Inspiring, Supporting, Connecting and Promoting a Sustainable Tourism Industry.

A snapshot of green trees in an Irish forest

Bitesized Chunks!

We break sustainable tourism into manageable bite size chunks. Making it simple for you and your team.

Welcome To The Sustainable Tourism Network

Previously Sustainable Travel Ireland, at the Sustainable Tourism Network (STN) we are dedicated to inspiring a more sustainable, resilient and successful tourism industry.

Our practical approach, first class training tools, great customer service and support can help transform businesses by breaking down sustainability into simple steps and plain language.

Plus, by becoming a part of our network you gain access to internationally recognised certification and networking – positioning your business at the forefront of responsible tourism.

How Sustainability Can Add Value To Your Business?

Future Proof Your Business

Ensure the future success of your business by embracing sustainability.

Cost Reduction

Implement strategic efficiency measures ensuring long-term financial resilience for your business.

Resource Efficiency

Optimise operational processes and contribute to your environmental stewardship goals.

Enhanced Brand Value

By improving your sustainability practices, you foster trust and loyalty among conscious consumers.

Competitive Advantage

Exemplify positive practices and distinguish your business from competitors.

Access To New Markets

Unlock access to new markets by meeting the growing demand for sustainable tourism products and services.