Clontarf Castle Hotel


The Clontarf Castle Hotel in Dublin is a perfect blend of a boutique and luxury hotel.

Our goal here at Clontarf Castle is to be smarter with our resources by reducing our carbon footprint with the following:

Waste Management

Utilize reduce, reuse, recycle policy throughout the castle. Along with this, educating our staff in relation to recyclables so they lead by example for our guests.

Water Consumption
We are devoted to conserving water and measure usage on a monthly basis. All water served to staff and guests are filtered onsite along with using environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products.

Energy and Emission Usage
Clontarf Castle are making efforts to lower our carbon footprint on the environment without hindering our experience of luxury. It does mean however, keeping a watchful eye on our energy and emission usage. This can be done with regular monitoring and adapting to keep in line with our sustainability goals.

Local Community & Biodiversity
We sponsor local sport teams and partner with local businesses as it is important to include independent businesses and suppliers. Biodiversity is protected by Ecolab chemicals along with joining the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

Marketing & Purchasing
Clontarf Castle act to market the Hotel in an honest manner by working with regional and European compliance with GDPR and Search Engine Optimisation is done ethically upon merit. Purchasing is to be done in bulk as much as possible to lower transport related emissions and to engage with suppliers to lower packaging. When purchasing imported goods we ensure the sources are Fair Trade.

This is our way of letting our guests know that Clontarf Castle are making an effort to be more sustainable for future generations to have a safe and healthy future.