My Bike or Hike

Mybikeorhike provides guided tours that are off the beaten path, delivered in a sustainable way, with a true local expert.

My Bike or Hike say ‘Fundamental to My Bike or Hike is awareness of and appreciation for the local environment and its heritage. All tours are specifically curated to ensure that negative environment impacts are kept to an absolute minimum whilst promoting the rich heritage, small businesses and community enterprises in the locality. Born and living in the locality where I operate my tours, I have acquired a keen ear to the ground knowledge that enables me to stay small but think big in terms of the variety and richness of experiences provided.

With air and other necessary transport modes, I acknowledge that the ultimate aim of zero carbon footprint is not currently achievable. Nevertheless, My Bike or Hike continuously aspires towards this goal.

Here are some of the ways in which I set about this:

  • Staying Local and Small
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Practice Leave no Trace
  • Share my knowledge of local Heritage and History
  • Take my tours off the Beaten Path
  • Support local Business & Community Enterprises
  • Giving Back to the Community’

To learn more about My Bike or Hike and to read their full sustainability policy, visit their website.

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