6-Step Sustainability Programme

Step by Step Process: STN’s 6-step sustainability programme is an easy-to-follow structured journey consisting of achievable milestones that pave the way for increased sustainability and eventual certification offering a multitude of benefits that make it an ideal choice for any tourism business seeking sustainability recognition.

GSTC Aligned: Each step within the program is aligned with our GSTC recognised certification criteria and focuses on specific pillars of sustainability. Providing a solid foundation and pathway towards achieving certification. STN 6-step programme is also aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Awards: At each step your business earns a distinctive award, (foundation level, energy & carbon, waste & water, nature & culture, people & business, Certification) symbolising your achievements and reinforcing your commitment to sustainability.  These awards, as outlined below, must be renewed every 2 years.


The STN expert team will guide and support you along every step of the programme.

Foundation Level

Elevate your business with our Foundation Award in Sustainability! Showcase your commitment to a greener future by appointing a Sustainability Coordinator and create and publish your sustainability policy.

Energy & Carbon

Criteria for this award include using a renewable energy provider, setting energy reduction targets, calculating your carbon footprint, and implementing carbon reduction measures. This award shows your commitment to sustainable energy and carbon practices.


Waste & Water

Criteria for this award include monitoring waste and setting reduction targets, avoiding single use plastics where possible, monitoring water use and setting water saving targets. This award shows your commitment to sustainable waste and water practices.

Nature & Culture

Criteria for this award include following Leave No Trace guidelines, contribute and support biodiversity conservation and cultural heritage, educating your customers on appropriate behaviour in areas being visited. This award shows your commitment to nature and culture.

People & Business

Criteria for this award include providing safe and secure working conditions, collecting customer feedback, providing accessibility information, and having a sustainable purchasing policy. This award shows your commitment to people and business.


Your final step on this programme is certification. Complete the remaining criteria and undergo an independent onsite audit to verify your sustainability practices.

Achieve Certification


Globally recognised certification: Because STN certifies businesses in accordance with our Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) recognised criteria – you know that your business is achieving the very highest standard of certification available. It is thorough, thought-provoking and has positive impacts on areas of your business with a strong focus on Energy and Carbon, Waste and Water, Nature and Culture, and People and Business. Yes, it’s a challenge but the benefits are huge!

Impartially audited: STN certification uses external auditors to ensure transparency and quality third-party verification. Certification is available at Gold or Silver levels.

Certification = A quality business: Certification shows your clients, suppliers and industry that your businesses sustainability practices are 6 star whilst also guaranteeing a balance between your business, the society it operates in and the environment we all depend on, future proofing your business.

How To Apply

Become a member of STN.
Purchase the relevant programme & work through the required criteria.
Once completed, STN will carry out a desk audit of your submission and provide feedback.
Implement feebdack before a final review from STN. Upon successful review awards are issued.

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