Sustainable Tourism Certification

Globally Recognised Certification: Because Sustainable Tourism Network (STN) certifies businesses in accordance with our Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) recognised criteria – you know that your business is achieving the very highest standard of certification available. It is thorough, thought-provoking and has positive impacts on areas of your business with a strong focus on Energy and Carbon, Waste and Water, Nature and Culture, and People and Business. Yes, it may require effort but the benefits are huge! STN certification is also aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. Certification must be renewed every 2 years. 

Audit Process: Once you have successfully met & provided supporting evidence for the STN certification criteria your application will be sent to an independent auditor for review, which entails a desk and onsite audit.

Impartially Audited: STN certification uses external auditors to ensure transparency and quality through third-party verification. Certification is available at Gold or Silver levels. 

Certification = A Quality Business: Certification shows your clients, suppliers and industry that your businesses sustainability practices are 6 star whilst also guaranteeing a balance between your business, the society it operates in and the environment we all depend on, future proofing your business.



Get Certified

STN offers several ways to achieve certification, providing flexibility to suit your business. Our streamlined processes ensure that your certification journey is thorough, transparent, and guided by industry experts. 

Choose from STN’s:

Guided Programme where our experienced trainers will provide you with 1-1 support for every step of your certification journey. (most popular)

Do-It-Yourself Programme giving you the freedom to work through the criteria and resources at your own pace using our extensive online resources.

To apply for certification you must be a member of the Sustainable Tourism Network.

Benefits Of Certification


Upon successful audit you will receive a corresponding award to showcase your achievement.

Future Proof

Be confident your sustainability practices are up to the mark.

Competitive Edge

Give your business a competitive edge with your internationally recognised award.

Prioritised Listing

Recieve prioritised listing on our members list, certified members get listed first.

Conference Discount

Receive a 25% discount on conference tickets once certified.

Have questions about certification?

Reach out to us we are here to help.