8 Proactive Ways Your Business Can Protect Our Biodiversity

8 Ways Your Business Can Protect Our Biodiversity

We are constantly being thrown with daunting stats like the fact that the populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians have fallen by an average of 60% in the last 40 years and how of Irish species are currently on the brink of extinction. But fear no more, time has not run out. We can do something about it and restore our beautiful biodiversity. Below are a few ways your business can help biodiversity.


What Is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the variety of living species on Earth, including plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi. A healthy biodiversity offers us a range of benefits. As BITC (Business In The Community) stated, from “food, fuel, medicine and fibre to clean air, pure water and a stable climate, as well as the recreation, inspiration and wonder that enrich our lives.” 

Why Should A Business Protect Biodiversity?

Well, as mentioned before, everyday is like Christmas with biodiversity as it gifts us with so many assets and benefits. It has been said that nature alone provides services worth around $125 trillion (€107 trillion) a year globally, along with ensuring us with energy and the other benefits discussed above. So biodiversity loss can result in a lack of available resources, which will of course bump up prices due to low supply.

Anyways, protecting biodiversity is the right thing to do! And from a business point of view, “doing right means doing well” and 97% of Irish people agree we have a responsibility to look after nature. So when people see businesses doing the right thing, they will be more than eager to support them. Now let’s think of what you can do…


Ways Your Business Can Protect Our Biodiversity

Source: BITC


Ways Your Business Can Protect Biodiversity


1. Plant Native 

Planting native trees offsets carbon, is better for the local ecosystem and creates more homes for our local biodiversity. So let’s see more of our beautiful birches, amazing ashes and happy hazels. For more info on native Irish trees, head on over to the Tree Council of Ireland.

2. Support Environmental Groups & NGOs

Look for any local environmental groups and NGOs that are actively finding ways to protect our biodiversity through wildlife conservation. For more ideas on organisations, have a look at the Irish Environmental Network.

3. Rewild The World

Create more green spaces and plant more wildflowers in your workplace. Let those bees buzz and those curlews cherp.

4. Save Energy And Reduce Waste

By minimising negative environmental effects, you are allowing nature to breathe – which is only fair, as it allows us to breathe when you think about it! By minimising waste you will cut down on landfill growth. Check out our article on how you can cut down on food waste for more info.

5. Sow That Seed With Staff

Awareness is key to protecting biodiversity. So, why not spread the word – and the love – by giving seeds to staff. That way they can pass on the message at home.

6. Run Biodiversity – Themed Workshops/Events

So just as mentioned before, awareness is pretty important. Regular biodiversity workshops can inform employees on the importance of protecting all that nature gives us and what they can do. They don’t have to be done the traditional way either. The only way to really learn is to be in the thick of it. So bring your staff outside! The Central Bank of Ireland, for example, began exploring biodiversity in 2017, by holding nature walks for staff.

7. Reach Out To Your Local Community 

Identify local protected areas and ask yourself “how can I ensure its protection?” Build local partnerships and check out the local biodiversity plan. SSE Airtricity, for instance, has biodiversity policy with objectives such as empowering people to engage with the natural world and working with stakeholders to protect, restore and enhance biodiversity. Can you think of any for your own business?

8. Spread The Word

Promote your activities. Create awareness and show how others can learn from you. Remind people of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 14 and 15 on biodiversity. (‘Life Below Water’ and ‘Life On Land’).

To find out more tips in biodiversity for your business, check out this link.