Foyle Trails

A Tourism Northern Ireland accredited ‘Embrace a Giant Spirit’ experience provider that highlights how the ecology, archaeology and mythology of the Foyle uplands interrelate.

“Foyle Trails (FT) overriding mission is the provision of landscape interpretative experiences and tours for
culturally curious clients, that are sustainable and have minimal negative impacts on environment, communities and local economy that exists in the upland tributaries of the Foyle River catchment. FT’s general ethos aims to make our clients aware of the need for habitat and archaeological  conservation and the preservation of our unique rural folklore. We are also committed to maintaining and building on the strong relationships that we have with our clients, local businesses and community groups of the Foyle Catchment.”

Foyle Trails is a member of the Omagh & the Sperrins Region tourism marketing body.

Foyle Trails exists to bring sustainable tourism to a region that is not a tourism hot spot. Bringing visitors “Far from the Maddening Crowds”.