Kleemann Tours

At Kleemann Tours we have over 30 years’ experience creating tailor-made trips taking groups off-the-beaten track to meet the locals and discover a true sense of place. 2020 gave us space and time to consider our company ethos with regard to responsible holidays. We are now on a new journey. One that will take us to a brighter, fairer future of travel. The time to change is upon us and we must do it collectively. Kleemann Tours values all who work with us – their individuality, knowledge, expertise and hard work.

Here are some of the great things we do:

  • Measure and strive to reduce our waste production and our energy and water consumption.
  • Seek out smaller, local, community-owned suppliers.
  • Be fair to business partners, who should be able to make a fair profit when working with us.
  • Inspire those who come in contact with us to make positive changes in their own lives or businesses.
  • Ethical purchasing – to buy products and services produced in way that minimises social or environmental damage. To avoid products and services that have a negative impact.
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