4 Sustainable Team Bonding Activities for Your Business

Sustainable Team Bonding Activities

If your business is on its sustainable development journey, a key step on that road is staff engagement. Sustainable team bonding activities can help keep with this.

Staff engagement is integral to the success of your sustainability policy as they are the ones at the forefront of your business. This involves motivating staff to support sustainable tourism initiatives through their role at work. If done correctly, sustainable team bonding activities can help with this by increasing morale and interest in rolling out sustainable changes within your business. Here are four sustainable team bonding activities to try with your staff. 

1. CSR Days (Corporate Social Responsibility)

CSR days are popular with companies around the world for good reason. It’s a great way to get your team together for a good cause. There’s so many options out there to do and organisations that would love to have you volunteer with them for the day(s). From community cleanups to tree planting, everyone will appreciate a day away from ‘business as usual’ to enjoy some fresh air, sunshine (hopefully) and to help the environment.

2. Lunch and Learns

Everyone loves free food! Every once in a while, treat your staff to a lovely lunch in the conference room or, better yet, a picnic outside. Invite a guest speaker in to talk about a range of sustainability topics like biodiversity, ways to make a difference in your daily life, etc. It’s a great way to get the team together and learn something new without feeling like you’re at a lecture.

Sustainable Team Bonding Activities

3. Awareness Days

There are so many Awareness Days in a calendar year and the majority  pass by without any notice. Each year, why not select a few that are most relevant to your business and vow to make a bigger deal about them. Be it Earth Day or National Clean Up Day, use them to plan something within your team to both draw attention to issues close to your heart and to get the team bonding!

4. Games

Games can work really well in the right environment. Create teams within the workforce and roll out some healthy, good natured competitions to motivate staff and create awareness for key issues. Award prizes to those who, for example, pack zero-waste lunches, top recyclers, change makers etc. 

Sustainable Tourism Network is a profit-for-purpose company. Our purpose is simple; we want to transform the Irish tourism industry into one that respects and protects the environment, but also supports local communities and makes better places for people to live and work in. Learn more about what we do here.

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